Creative Laser was founded in 1995. We are a marking company who specializes in laser engraving, electro-chemical etching pad printing and Heat Transfer Applications. We are a job shop that handles large orders for corporations as well as a supplier of personalized products for small businesses and everyday customers. We can serialize parts and produce any type of Bar Code you may need. Don’t forget about our laser cutting services!!! Creative Laser is a small company, with 50 years of combined sales and engineering experience. Let us put that experience to work for you.

We have high standards for precision here at Creative Laser and our equipment offers the high quality benefits you’re looking for. We provide accurate repeatability, up to 1200 dpi images, permanent marks, cutting edge technology, graphics produced/improved using Corel Draw, and the ability to produce a variety of logos or text in any font you desire.

We offer custom jobs on a wide variety of parts with varying shapes and sizes.

Please browse our website and contact us for a quote, you’ll find our prices competitive and our quality standards second to none.

We Employ Two Epilog Legend Laser Engraving Machines which I am proud to say are Made in The USA!!!!! Our Laser tables are 32” x 20” and can engrave or cut most items up to that size. We use Corel Draw for most of our artwork and Engraving needs and can Engrave lines of text or your graphic. Our CO2 Laser Engravers can mark a wide variety of products including Wood, Acrylic, Steel, Leather, Anodizing, Powder Coating, Pewter, Marble and Glass to name a few. We can even laser full color photos onto Glass, Wood or Marble… These come out as shades of grey. We also use our rotary fixture to engrave around cylindrical objects such as glassware and flashlights. With our serialization, cutting capabilities and vast experience with these machines, there’s no need to look any further. Let us at Creative Laser Specialties get to work for you!!!!!
Creative Laser offers complete electro-chemical etching capability. Through the use of an electro-chemical process, we can etch your company's logo or text directly into the metal. We employ two TUS Technologies Electrochemical Etching Machines that I’m proud to say are Made in the USA!!!! Marks are created by the combination of electricity and chemicals.  With this process we create a chemical reaction with the metal leaving a permanent mark.  The mark is brown to black in color. The electrochemical etching mark is created by causing Electrolyte and Electrical Current to pass through the treated areas of a stencil. This leaves behind a permanent mark that is Etched directly into the metal. Then we use a Neutralytic solution to neutralize the chemicals on the knife and wipe them clean. We usually mark Stainless and Carbon Steel, but can mark a variety of metals. Consider this type of marking when product labeling such as a model number, product number, address, or company logo is needed. This method allows for the ability to mark products quickly and cost effectively through merely changing stencils and marking heads on our equipment. This is a great process for Industrial parts marking as well as larger orders. Please contact us for a quote today!
Pad Print page text We employ a Printex Pad Printer for many of our Color marking needs. I am proud to say that this machine is Made in the USA. We can achieve great detail in logos and this high speed marking method is a great solution for larger runs and Multicolor marks. We can mark a variety of materials and can match the color of your logo. We use the Pantone Matching System and can duplicate any of 2000 colors. Let us give your company the professional advantage over your peers by providing you with the highest quality marking at the best prices!!!
We just picked up a Geo Knight Heat Press to apply our Forever Flex Soft Heat transfers to our New line of items. I am proud to state that our Heat press is Made in the USA!!! We can provide a variety of single color marks onto our items to give your event or company the unique item and recognition that you deserve. From Aprons to Koozies to Cooler Bags. We will be adding more products to our site as we proceed

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